Closing The Deal

When someone prepares an offer, they advise your CENTURY 21 Almar & Associates Real Estate Professional who then makes an appointment to present it to you (all offers must be presented to you).

Your CENTURY 21 Almar & Associates Real Estate Professional will council and advise you, but the final decision will be yours. Review every offer, comparing the financial qualifications and readiness of each buyer. You may accept an offer as is, reject it or make changes and sign it back to the purchaser to see if they are willing to accept your changes. In turn, the buyer then may accept your changes, reject the changes or come back with a counteroffer. This process continues until the deal is agreed upon or negotiations are terminated.

Rest assured that your CENTURY 21 Almar & Associates’ Real Estate Professional will be armed with information to help you negotiate the best deal. And for your protection, a deposit can be collected from the buyer prior to any acceptance of the purchase offer. A written agreement stating all conditions of the sale will be signed by both parties.

Once your contract is fully executed (buyers and sellers have both signed) it is time to sit back and be patient. The buyer will be busy arranging mortgage financing. The real estate brokerage and title company are beginning to accumulate data and prepare documents. Your CENTURY 21 Almar & Associates’ Real Estate Professional will track the progress of the sale. This is a good time for you to take a breather; start thinking about your next big step – moving into your new home.

Final closing day will be scheduled when all the steps are completed. Closing is when you and the buyer sign all the paperwork, pay your share of the settlement fees and the documents are recorded. Once you present an executed deed to the buyer and receive the check in the amount agreed upon, your house is successfully sold.